1. Jürg Kindle octet historic live recording 2001

  2. Les Barricades Mystérieuses (album download includes PDF and audio)

  3. World Variations on a Swiss folk song (download includes PDF and music)

  4. Jürg Kindle "Pedros Dream" for narrator and guitar

  5. Jürg Kindle - Guitar Circus

  6. Guitar Classroom "Discovering The World Together", Book 1-3

  7. Guitar Solo Works Vol.3 (album download includes pdf score)

  8. Guitar Solo Works Vol.2 (album download includes pdf score)

  9. Guitar Solo Works Vol.1 (album download includes pdf score)

  10. Moods & Masks , Kerstin Brokate and Peter Kuhz


  12. Once Upon A Time (download includes music and score pdf)

  13. Primavera Concerto, Suite Rio De Janeiro

  14. Solotrip 2, 39 intermediate guitar studies (download includes music and PDF)

  15. Stage Pass 1, 57 easy guitar studies

  16. Habanera (download includes PDF and music)

  17. Celtic Guitar (download includes sheet music + audio)

  18. Rock Sonata (download includes sheet music + TAB + audio)

  19. Agua con Gas (download includes sheet music + audio)

  20. Caipirinha (download includes sheet music + audio)

  21. Cumulus (download includes sheet music + audio)

  22. Dangerous Sky (download includes sheet music + audio)

  23. Dream Catcher (download includes sheet music + audio)

  24. Oriental Beauty (download includes sheet music + audio)

  25. Solstice (download includes sheet music + audio)

  26. The Magician (download includes sheet music + audio)

  27. Virginia Tango (download includes sheet music + audio)

  28. Where You Belong (download includes sheet music + audio)

  29. Romantic Guitar

  30. Classical Guitar

  31. Renaissance -European lute masters of the 16th century

  32. Tango Bolero Rumba Flamenco

  33. Spanish & Latin Guitar

  34. Antonio Vivaldi L'Estro Armonico (Guitar Concertos)

  35. guitar orchestra hits

  36. Mysterious Baroque

  37. Mandopolis

  38. The Guitar Quartets


  40. Cosmic Guitar

  41. The Guitar Trios

  42. Back To The Roots

  43. Fingerfood II (intermediate mandolin studies)

  44. Acoustic Rock Guitar


Jürg Kindle Switzerland

Jürg Kindle (1960), Swiss composer and guitarist. The guitar compositions of Jürg Kindle have received nume rous distinc tions and are used regularly as compulsory pieces around the world.
His composi tions and arrangements include solo pieces,chamber music and scores for guitar -/mandolinorchestra.
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